Trump declares there is ‘no longer a nuclear threat from North Korea’

Posted June 16, 2018

Absolutely. you used the term major, major disarmament, something like that?

"I think it's a real good thing". The president had announced a halt in the drills after his meeting with Kim on Tuesday, a concession long sought by Pyongyang.

North Korea invited worldwide media but not foreign experts to witness the blowing up last month of tunnels at the site, where it has carried out all six of its nuclear tests.

In addition, he predicts that if the talks do go well, the Korean Peninsula could be reunified.

But the details of what is sure to be a complex and contentious process have yet to be settled. It also came two days after Trump said he would stop "expensive, provocative" war games with the ROK.

"Everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office", Trump said on Twitter. The "most unsafe problem" outlined by former President Barack Obama was no longer a threat, he added.

Wednesday in Pyongyang, newspapers ran photos of Trump and Kim standing side-by-side on the world stage and touted an "epoch-making meeting much awaited by the whole world".

He also announced that the USA will stop conducting military drills with South Korea after the historic summit, something widely seen as a concession as Pyongyang has long claimed they are invasion rehearsals.

Pompeo said he expects the U.S. would next speak to North Korean officials "fairly quickly after we return to our home countries", adding he was "very confident" that some form of engagement would occur in the next week. He said negotiations would recommence "in the next week or so".

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With North Korea and the United States having wrapped up a historic summit with a vague promise to work toward "complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula", how far North Korea accepts verification will be the barometer for Pyongyang's willingness to denuclearize, analysts say.

"I am ... confident they understand that there will be in-depth verification", Pompeo said. "We are not going to let that happen, and he's got to get the message that something's got to change", Lamborn said.

The summit, the US-DPRK will be held on June 12 in Singapore, he will be the first ever meeting between the leader of North Korea and the current President of the United States.

Even as they offered measured praise for Trump's diplomatic efforts, congressional Republicans have emphasized the hard road that remains and pressed for more details of what exactly the president agreed to with Kim. But Lu Chao, an expert on North Korea at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences in northeast China's Shenyang city, says the guarantees are probably "a repeat of previous US statements that it does not seek to overthrow the current regime in North Korea". Trump's claim is dubious given that independent experts estimate Pyongyang has enough fissile material for 20 to 60 bombs.

A year ago it tested long-range missiles that could reach the USA mainland, although it remains unclear if the regime has mastered the technology to deliver a nuclear warhead that could re-enter the atmosphere and hit its target.

On Tuesday, just after Trump's surprise announcement, a spokesman for US Forces Korea said they had not received any instruction to cease joint military drills.

Both Lamborn and Gardner, though, also expressed the need to keep the pressure on North Korea moving forward. "No longer - sleep well tonight!" the president wrote.

But Victor Cha, a former U.S. pointman on North Korea, gave Trump more credit, writing in The New York Times: "Despite its many flaws, the Singapore summit represents the start of a diplomatic process that takes us away from the brink of war".

Kim Jong Un said that if the USA side took "genuine measures for building trust", North Korea would continue to take "additional good-will measures of next stage commensurate with them".

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