OnePlus introduces Software Maintenance Schedule for 3, 3T, 5, 5T and 6

Posted June 30, 2018

While any future or current OnePlus device could benefit from this, it still raised questions based on previous experiences with OnePlus and software updates that software updates could abruptly stop quite quickly after Android P.

OnePlus is finally addressing one of the biggest concerns surrounding its phones since the company's inception - the longevity of software support. But, it never obliged. OnePlus, a company who once had a rocky update history, has slowly been improving in the area since the release of the OnePlus 3 two years ago.

Same was noticed with OnePlus 3T.

The security patches and Andoird updates will be provided every two months as it is a bi-monthly schedule. Now, the company has extended support for Android security patches to three years. Now, having considered the feedback from users OnePlus seems to have had a change of heart.

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The Chinese smartphone maker is now considering extending the Android support service starting with OnePlus 5 series by offering additional six months than traditional 18 months.

OnePlus promises to offer system updates to its phones for a full two years after their release. Other devices that this schedule will apply to include the OnePlus 3T, OnePlus 5, and the OnePlus 5T.

This is a really great move by the company as the users will not feel left out since their generic models get outdated within four or five months after the T series make their way to the market. OnePlus took to its forums to reveal official details on the new OnePlus Software Maintenance Schedule.

It's similar to the commitments made by Google and its Pixel range, albeit with OnePlus's OxygenOS rather than stock Android - not that there's much difference where the OnePlus 6 is concerned.

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