Egypt sarcophagus: Mystery black tomb opened in Alexandria

Posted July 21, 2018

The tomb dating back to the Ptolemaic period found in the Sidi Gaber district of Alexandria.

An alabaster bust, its features weathered beyond recognition, was also found with the sarcophagus.

The granite coffin revealed three skeletons floating in sewer water. After capturing the world's attention because of its unusually large size, observers believed it could contain the remains of a prominent figure, with some considering the possibility that it could contain the corpse of Alexander the Great.

Egyptian archaeologists on Thursday pried open a mysterious 30-ton black sarcophagus and found three skeletons, including one that had suffered a blow to the skull.

Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities had appointed a committee of archaeologists to open the relic, which was unearthed at a construction site.

"Preliminary examination suggests the skeletons belong to three army officers, one of them his skull shows an injury of an arrow", Shaban Abd Monem, a specialist in mummies at the Ministry of Antiquities, told Luxor Times.

Mostafa Waziri said cold water was poured over the sarcophagus in a ritual
Mostafa Waziri said cold water was poured over the sarcophagus in a ritual

Daring experts ignored warnings the 9ft black coffin, found in the city of Alexandria, housed an evil curse and opened it regardless to find three skeletons submerged in rancid-smelling water.

Discovered in the Egyptian city of Alexandria next to an alabaster statue of a man's head, the black granite coffin is thought to come from the Ptolemaic period (323-30 BC) and is nearly 9 feet long, 5 feet wide and 6 feet deep.

Meanwhile, the coffin will be moved to a military museum and the three mummies will be transferred to the Alexandria National Museum.

When a black granite sarcophagus was found at the bottom of a pit in Alexandria, Egypt, this past week, the discovery immediately prompted questions and theories ranging from the sensible to the supernatural.

Addressing concerns that examining the tomb could unleash a Pharaoh's curse, Waziri said, "We've opened it and, thank God, the world has not fallen into darkness", the BBC reports. "I was the first to put my whole head inside the sarcophagus ... and here I stand before you".

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