Missouri duck boat accident: What we know

Posted July 21, 2018

Rescue personnel work after an amphibious "duck boat" capsized and sank, at Table Rock Lake near Branson, Mo., Thursday.

The Coast Guard and the National Transportation Safety Board planned to help with the investigation. They ranged in age from 1- to 70-years-old.

Rader told reporters at that time, when the confirmed death toll was 11 people, that five individuals remained missing.

Rader said he believes the incident was storm-related.

At the time, he said, the lake seemed calm, and no one was anxious about the weather.

Philadelphia: Two tourists died in 2010 when the duck boat they were riding in was struck by a tugboat in the Delaware River. Onlooker Jennie P. Carr, who was on the Branson Belle Showboat as people had dinner, recorded footage of the boat's nose sinking below the water.

At least 13 people are dead and four people are missing after an amphibious tourist boat carrying 31 passengers capsized and sank Thursday during a severe squall in a lake in southern Missouri.

Officials blamed the accident on stormy weather.

The National Weather service reportedly issued a severe thunderstorm warning in the area as wind speeds reached up to over 60 miles per hour. "I noticed most of the boats had left the water, but there were still at least two or maybe three ducks still near the Belle". Rader said late Thursday that seven people had hospitalized, and a local hospital tweeted that it was treating seven patients, two of whom are in critical condition.

But this isn't the first time duck boats have been involved in a deadly crash.

In 2015, five college students were killed and 69 others were injured when a duck boat hit a bus in Seattle, Washington.

Behr said that at one point, he and other passengers on the dinner boat helped pull an unconscious woman from the water.

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"Partway through coming back is when ... the waves picked up and then obviously swamped the boat", he said Friday morning.

After the 1999 incident, advocates pushed for safety improvements and even suggested banning the vehicles entirely, but accidents continued.

The boats were originally designed for the military, specifically to transport troops and supplies in World War II.

They were never designed for civilian use. "She was unconscious. I was about ready to start CPR and the EMT did show up at that time". On Friday morning, the Missouri State Highway Patrol found the last four bodies that had been unaccounted for, according to Stone County Sheriff Doug Rader.

Weather conditions were sure to figure prominently in the investigation.

Emergency crews responded to the incident shortly after 7 p.m. after thunderstorms rolled through an area that is a Midwestern tourist destination, the fire district said on Twitter.

"The winds were behind what is called a 'gust front, ' " reported weather blogger meteorologist Mike Smith. "While they're investigating, the thing to do is we're keeping our focus on the families, and once again keeping them in our thoughts and our prayers", Best said.

Divers quickly located the vessel, which came to rest on its wheels on the lakebed, and authorities planned to recover it later Friday. He said life jackets were aboard the boat, but he doesn't know whether people were wearing them.

Here are the videos obtained by The Kansas City Star - the following content may not be suitable for all viewers: It was not immediately clear whether the following video shows the duck boat that sank.

The Ride the Ducks boat company is a part of Ripley Entertainment, whose president, Jim Pattison, told CBS This Morning the boat "shouldn't have been in the water" in the storm.

Ripley Entertainment, the parent company of Ride the Ducks Branson, said it recently acquired the vessel involved in the incident.

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