In Interview, Trump Appears To Question NATO's 'Collective Defense' Clause

Posted July 22, 2018

It is about a year since Donald Trump and Montenegro shared global headlines.

Some experts and commentators, then, say President Trump's posture towards North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and particularly Montenegro, are disconcerting given Trump's recent reluctance to criticize Putin. Asked about whether Trump's words strained his relationship with the intelligence community, Continetti said their relationship was already distant. "I think President Trump is very open to discussion, and I think when he talks to people, especially in a one-on-one situation, he will entertain a variety of ideas, but he never really commits to them".

Earlier this week, President Trump identified a seemingly unlikely threat to world security: Montenegro, a tiny Balkan country of just over 600,000 people. They're very aggressive people. In a statement, the Montenegro government said that the country believed in cherishing the values of freedom, solidarity and democracy.

Given his notoriously short attention span, and the fact that he knows little about Montenegro, perhaps it is the cynic in me that finds it interesting that Montenegro found its way as a topic so soon after another summit with his new best cum, Vladimir Putin.

Darmanovic agreed that Trump's comments would be welcomed in Moscow.

However, in the days after the summit he flip-flopped on various issues, apparently because of pressure at home, saying later that he does accepts the conclusion of the United States intelligence agencies that Russian Federation interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and claiming that he had warned Putin over the issue.

"Arizona Sen. McCain, in a tweet on Wednesday, chastised the president for his remarks, saying that "#Putin will do anything to shatter the transatlantic alliance" in a tweet that pointed to an editorial he wrote about the Montenegro coup plot that was first published previous year in USA Today.

Tucker quickly interjected by saying he was "not against Montenegro" and added that any country, such as Albania, could have been applied in his hypothetical scenario.

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CARLSON: Yeah, I'm not against Montenegro.

For several years, Montenegro has faced threats of an encroaching Russian Federation.

Trump's comments may even have a silver lining.

"Let's leave Trump alone", Markovic told a lawmaker who asked him during a parliamentary session Wednesday whether the country of 620,000 should worry about the USA commitment to its defense.

While past presidents have had hard foreign trips and been criticized for their summits with Soviet leaders, Trump's behaviour has few parallels, in the view of presidential historians and longtime Russian Federation watchers. "Therefore, the friendship and the alliance of Montenegro and the United States of America is strong and permanent", the statement concluded. In true Trump fashion, the president took the opportunity to just kind of. freestyle on the idea of Montenegro for a few seconds.

"Montenegrins are not aggressive ... but the nation of fearless warriors", he said. Or was his rare admission of a mistake rooted in the ferocity of the stateside response by those - Republicans among them - who said he undermined USA intelligence services by seeming to side with Putin? "Their summit declaration that came out at the end of the summit stated clearly that any attack against one ally will be regarded as an attack against all".

"This president allowed that to move forward past year".

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