Danica Patrick and Aaron Rodgers make red carpet debut at ESPYs

Posted July 23, 2018

But no matter how hard Patrick tries to razz her fellow athletes, she, or anyone for that matter, will never, ever come close to topping the near-criminal performance of Norm McDonald way back in the 1998 ESPYs.

The biggest and best athletes were recognized at the annual ESPYS Awards Wednesday.

After participating in last weekend's American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, Nev., the Packers quarterback gave a social media shout-out to the competitors, as well as Patrick, 36, who let him forget the scoreboard.

Now, the King is fresh off his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers and is one of the most-beloved athletes in the world.

This year, Simmons, along with four-time MVP LeBron James, was the target of Patrick's opener.

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Patrick soldiered on, telling the audience, "We have to mention the elephant in the room".

"That mustache is hot", Danica says. She then revealed a picture of Fergie, who made headlines with her rendition of the anthem at the NBA All-Star game. In one joke about Tiger Woods, she said, "Why do people keep talking about this guy when he isn't winning?" She played dual roles of herself and her alcohol-swilling mother.

Danica Patrick is grateful for the support of her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers.

As a mock-horrified Patrick stood by, the youngster cracked age-inappropriate jokes.

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