Gunman reportedly opens fire outside Los Angeles-area Trader Joe's

Posted July 24, 2018

Gunshots were fired during the chase.

A Trader Joe's employee died during a standoff in Los Angeles on Saturday, according to CNN.

A gunman who led police on a pursuit and then ran into a Los Angeles supermarket, holding bystanders inside hostage, has been taken into custody.

Friend-Daniel says Saturday was the "saddest day in Trader Joe's history". He appeared to be handcuffed when he walked out. The older woman was the suspect's grandmother, police said.

Twenty-eight-year-old Gene Evin Atkins is being held on $2 million bail in connection with the fatal Trader Joe's hostage standoff in Los Angeles Saturday.

A man who was fleeing from officers crashed his vehicle, a 2015 Toyota Camry, outside of the supermarket and ran inside it, according to USA media.

The gunfire shattered the glass doors and the gunman ran inside and "down the middle aisle", Kohles said. Kohles hurried inside and he and others took cover as the suspect ran in.

Police said the older woman was the suspect's grandmother, and he was driving her auto when he wrecked it near the Trader Joe's.

Kohles he was terrified and others around him were sobbing.

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The suspect had a pistol in his hand and "just started opening fire on the police behind him", Devin Field said.

Aerial footage from local TV stations NBC Los Angeles and CBS Los Angeles showed people leaving a store window using a rope ladder and police carrying children to safety through a parking lot in the city's Silver Lake neighborhood.

"He (the suspect) went in his room and grabbed a gun and shot her", Egland told City News, saying he fired several shots before he and his girlfriend fled in the grandmother's vehicle. "The suspect was located via LoJack and a pursuit ensued at which point the suspect fired multiple rounds at pursuing officers", the LAPD tweeted in a thread after the incident concluded. "And (the police) returned some fire at him, but he ran straight in [to the Trader Joe's]". He allegedly shot and killed a store employee during the chaos before eventually giving himself up.

Police said the area surrounding the supermarket would be shut down until around noon on Sunday as investigations continue. Her brother and sister had reached out on social media during the standoff for help finding her.

Another witness, Devin Field, tweeted that he was going inside the Trader Joe's when the auto crashed and the man "got out shooting". Police urged the public to stay away from the area as they confirmed via Twitter there was an "active barricaded suspect" in the store, that he was armed, and a police operation was underway.

Los Angeles police have arrested a suspect who earlier barricaded himself in a shop with about 40 people inside.

An Associated Press employee who lives in the area reported seeing a crashed vehicle into a utility pole outside the store. For hours, the incident at a Trader Joe's in Silver Lake paralyzed part of the city and even captured the attention of President Trump. One person, an employee, was dragging an injured woman by the hands.

No further details were immediately available.

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