Trump received letter from North Korea's Kim on August 1 - White House

Posted August 03, 2018

As he secured a commitment for the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, @POTUS also secured a promise from Chairman Kim to return the remains of all fallen USA service-members lost in North Korea.

Almost 7,700 American military service-people are still unaccounted for from the Korean War, according to the Department of Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency, of which approximately 5,300 are thought to be in North Korea.

USA officials have been closely watching North Korea's willingness to abandon its nuclear ambitions. Much of that money was sent as reimbursement for the costs incurred during the recovery process, which for years involved North Korean officials accompanying American delegations as they traveled to war sites and obtained remains.

To work on the additional remains the team of DPAA researchers assigned to identifying the remains of Korean War missing will almost double in size from five to nine.

When Pyongyang handed over 55 sets of remains last month, North Korean officials included written information about where the bones had been found, providing researchers with vital clues.

"I would go back in an instant if we were asked to", said Byrd who participated in numerous earlier search missions.

The returned remains are associated with the fight at what was called the "Frozen Chosin" for the sub-zero temperatures in which Marine and Army units fought their way out of encirclement by Chinese forces and were evacuated by sea, said Dr. John Byrd, a forensic anthropologist.

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McKeague did not say whether the United States would continue reimbursing North Korea, should field operations in the country resume. USA officials say they have already contacted the family of a service member whose dog tag was returned.

"They had been very carefully packaged with padding and packaging that was done to, I think, a very high standard", he said.

The scientist said the remains were consistent with being from the Korean War.

Despite such clues, the process of identifying the remains is onerous.

Investigators will also use dental records and chest x-rays to further analyze the remains for a possible identification.

The remains are now "undergoing forensic analysis" at the lab in Hawaii, another official said, adding that the "guardedly optimistic" about the situation.

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