Alone in the Rotunda, with John McCain

Posted September 01, 2018

Graham plucked two roses from the vase on the late senator's desk and gave them to her, according to two people close to McCain with knowledge of the private moment.

Bloomberg noted White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was staring at Trump during his response.

That was when Woods was first hired as McCain's chief of staff.

Mr Biden said their close personal bond remained strong even when the senator from DE was chosen as the running mate for Mr McCain's Democratic rival in the 2008 presidential race, Mr Obama. (Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi accompanies Rep. But despite their political differences, the former vice president said he views McCain as a brother.

At the end of the almost 90-minute ceremony Thursday, McCain's casket was wheeled out of the church to My Way, in tribute to a politician known for following his own path.

The vice president closed his remarks in the Capitol Rotunda by echoing the senator's own words for how he once said he wished to be remembered.

"The president asked me to be here on behalf of a grateful nation, to pay a debt of honor and respect to a man who served his country throughout his life", said Vice President Mike Pence, who had the awkward assignment of eulogizing a man whom the president openly mocked during life and has studiously avoided praising after his death.

In Congress, where he laid in state on Friday, McCain was a leading voice for revamping the country's immigration, campaign finance and environmental laws.

The billionaire leader was not invited to the funeral or burial, and he is not scheduled to appear Friday in the Rotunda, where McCain's flag-draped coffin will be brought in by an honor guard.

Sen. John McCain's body has arrived to lie in state in the U.S. Capitol rotunda, beginning three days of Washington area memorials that will trace McCain's long career in reverse - from the halls of the Senate to the grounds of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis.

"He had America's fighting spirit", McConnell said.

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Casey Deignan, a firefighter and paramedic from Glendale; Phillip Johnson, a fire captain and paramedic from Phoenix; Michael Norling, a fire captain and paramedic from north Phoenix; and Christine Roberts, a nurse from Peoria, were among the more than 6,000 team members who were present during McCain's ceremony.

"Never seen anybody with more passion, more patriotism and more commitment than John McCain".

Former U.S. presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will lead mourners on Saturday in a service for the late John McCain, the longtime Arizona senator and Vietnam war hero whose bids for the White House were dashed by the two men.

The six-term Senator and two-time Republican candidate for president died on Saturday at his ranch near Sedona, Arizona after a yearlong battle with an aggressive form brain cancer. He attended with his wife, Karen.

President Donald Trump, who had feuded bitterly with the senator, was notably absent.

Just before the casket's arrival, Democratic senator Patrick Leahy walked over to the catafalque and gently touched it.

For approximately seven minutes, Fitzgerald recalled McCain's accomplishments in life and devotion to his family, the state of Arizona and service to the people of the U.S.

The service at the Washington National Cathedral starts at 7 a.m. MST.

McCain, Black said, was "a drum major for courage, truth and justice".

A light rain that turned heavy fell as body bearers from various branches of the military began the solemn procession up the stairs of the Capitol to rest the casket on the stand where McCain will lie in state until Saturday morning.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Ky., center, accompanied by an aide, walks through the Rotunda before the casket of Sen.

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