Trump Insults and Scolds Women Reporters Asking About Brett Kavanaugh

Posted October 04, 2018

"You never do." While Vega did thank the president for calling on her to ask a question before Trump made the remark, his comment prompted her to ask "I'm sorry?" before the president dismissed her. "She's in a state of shock". "I'm not. Thank you, Mr. President", Vega responded.

He later returned to the question she had asked him about Kavanaugh in which he defended his nominee to the Supreme Court again.

An official transcript distributed on Monday evening showed the President telling a female senior correspondent she wasn't "thanking" when he called on her, an odd construction that bore little resemblance to what the President is heard on video saying.

"No, go ahead." Trump said, before a pause ensued.

When the president called upon Vega, he suggested she was "shocked" to have been picked for a question. He returned to Vega later for a Kavanaugh question.

It is not inconspicuous that US President Donald Trump has a problem with the media.

Vega referred obliquely to the exchange on her Twitter account later.

Mourinho won't name Pogba captain again
It was largely attributed to Jose Mourinho's side being knocked out of the Champions League early last season. When we play like this, it's easier for us".

"I'm not", Vega said, rising from her seat.

One the reporters on the receiving end of Trump's ridicule was Cecilia Vega of ABC.

"Don't do that. That's not nice", he said, adding that he wanted to answer a question about trade and moving on to another reporter. "I think it's the - to me, it's the most exciting thing you can talk about".

Trump then said, "That's OK".

The Kavanaugh probe was the elephant in the room during today's press conference, and soon even Mr Trump couldn't ignore it.

Trump interrupted Jiang as well and when she pointed that fact out, he told her to sit down. Government broadcast producers had left the reporter's microphone muted while a Russian-to-English translator delivered Putin's answer to his previous question. "You never do", the president said. "You've had enough", he yelled before turning to another reporter.

The comment came during a Monday morning press conference, where the president also ranted more generally generally about the media - a group of people he has consistently cast in an adversarial light. "I'd be a mess".

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