#MeToo Allegation on Director, Hero Cancels Shoot

Posted October 13, 2018

Well, the interview might've passed on Saloni Chopra, but it left her crying after.

And now, we have another popular figure from the Indian film industry who has slammed Sajid Khan for his shameful character. Currently, Sajid Khan is being thrashed all over the social media for sexually harassing women and now, his sister, Farah Khan, has reacted to all the allegations against her brother. "Hence, the decision was taken that Sajid will be asked to leave the film". She mentions how he would say awful things about his then girlfriend. In a long detailed post, the woman has alleged that the filmmaker used to humiliate her by telling her she isn't good looking and doesn't have in her that is needed to be an actress. When she asked him what she wanted from him and if it was about sex, she was ready only if he'd back off after that. "After that he asks me to strip for him bcoz there were scenes in a bikini and he needed to see how I looked". However, the director called her "naive", stating that she is a fool if she thinks casting couch is a one-time thing, he furthermore added that he wants her as his own "little bitch", doing whatever he asks of her.

She wrote: "He was famous for his interview questions". She broke down after the interview, but got the job.

The second actor, Rachel White, shared that Sajid Khan called her into his bedroom, stared at her breasts and then allegedly told her that the role in a film would be hers if she could seduce him in five minutes.

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Seems like the list is never-ending of the predators that have sexually harassed and abused the ones with no power to cry out for help.

Tanushree paved the way for the #MeToo movement, after blowing the whistle on Nana. It was because of actress Tanushree Dutta this movement was brought to light in India.

While the world was just reeling from the shock of knowing Subhash Ghai been accused of drugging and raping an upcoming actress, three women have claimed sexual harassment at the hands of director-producer, Sajid Khan.

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