Cops: Active shooter in Oakland detained, I-580 reopened

Posted February 20, 2017

The East Bay Times reports there were unconfirmed reports that the shooter was shot at by Oakland police.

A man armed with a high-powered rifle was shot by Oakland police after a tense standoff near Bishop O'Dowd High School Friday.

Law enforcement sources identified the suspect as Jesse Ross Enjaian, 32, a computer science engineer.

CBS San Francisco reported that Oakland police said "Enjaian lives at 9512 Las Vegas Ave in Oakland, the location where the standoff took place". A one point the man came out with the rifle and a spray can and drew obscene graffiti on the garage.

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While police were searching for him, officers reported gunfire striking near them, but none were hit.

California Highway Patrol told CBS that the gunman was "disarmed and detained".

When officers arrived, the suspect was in the street and began shooting at the officers. He remains hospitalized in serious condition, Watson said. He was transferred to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. He passed away Friday evening.

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