Cowboys Players' Dog Returned After Brief 'Kidnapping'

Posted July 19, 2017

Lucky Whitehead posted a video to Snapchat early Tuesday morning in which he said his missing dog, which had been being held for ransom, has been returned. So it's not hard to imagine how upset the Cowboys wide receiver is that his pooch, Blitz, was recently stolen from his home.

Whitehead confirmed to Dallas-area reporter Mike Fisher that the dog in the videos was, in fact, Blitz. Whitehead said he suspects the heist was "an inside job" and plans to talk to some people close to him.

Whitehead posted on Instagram over the weekend that someone broke into his house July 9 while he was out of town and stole his dog.

The heartbroken football player also posted a message for the dog abductor: "I strongly advise you to stop and return my boy safely before it gets any worse!"

Whitehead, whose real name is Rodney but has gone by the nickname "Lucky" since childhood, pleaded with the mysterious thieves to find it in their heart to return Blitz where he belongs.

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The beloved pup of Cowboys wide receiver and return specialist Lucky Whitehead was returned to his rightful owner last night, after a freaky series of events that played out on social media over the past 36 hours.

Whitehead reportedly contacted police but learned that the dognappers' use of a "burner phone" made their calls and texts untraceable.

It's unclear if Whitehead paid the ransom for the dog, but a Dallas rapper used his Instagram account to say he was the one who found the dog and returned Blitz to Whitehead.

A rapper known as Boogotti Kasino tweet a video late Monday of a dog that Whitehead confirmed to be Blitz in a room with several individuals. "It's killing me just because I wasn't there to protect him". He said the caller said he would call back "but I haven't heard from him since".

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