IN congressman calls for Trump to receive Nobel Peace Prize

Posted April 29, 2018

Lindsey Graham, an American Senator, stated that Donald Trump, the U.S. President, deserves a Nobel Prize, as Fox News reports. Michael Pillsbury, a former Trump campaign adviser and China hawk, suggested to her that Trump's leadership perhaps "has earned two Nobel Peace Prizes".

Trump imposed sanctions on North Korea and publicly warned Kim to end his nuclear ambitions or face "fire and fury", and widespread criticism followed. "Following this historic announcement, President Trump should get the Nobel Peace Prize".

Heads are also exploding from Chappaqua to Hollywood as the unfathomable idea sinks in that, despite Trump's lack of a moral or political core, despite the fact that he has tarnished the presidency with his nasty bullying, race-baiting, unmoored tweeting and authoritarian tendencies, he could get a second term. Moon gave Trump credit in January.

"To make peace demands a new approach, and President Trump has found one", McCarthy wrote.

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Trump appears to be a Nobel Prize nominee for the third time due to his commitment to the ideology of struggling for peace by force. Earlier in April of 2018, North Korea agreed to end the nuclear missile tests ahead of a meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Laura Ingraham also compared Trump and Obama's Nobel Peace Prize from 2009 on Twitter.

Trump's aides, in the meantime, are optimistic and believe the president deserves the prize, according to Bloomberg.

A Getty Images photo showed people in Seoul, South Korea - described in the caption as activists who support Korean reunification - holding placards saying Trump would win the Nobel Peace Prize. It wouldn't have happened without Trump. "Trump has obliterated ISIS, ending the Korean war, stood up to Putin (and won), and punished Assad", Kirk wrote. North Korea had recently announced that it would suspend nuclear testing and shut down a nuclear site.

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